Summary of The Second Act

This is the only ‘series’ of artwork I have ever made.

It is inspired by this quote:

“The true drama, and especially the tragedy, calls for the hero to exercise will, to create, in front of us, on the stage, his or her own character, the strength to continue. It is her striving to understand, to correctly assess, to face her own character (in her choice of battles) that inspires us–and gives the drama power to cleanse and enrich our own character.

This is the struggle of the second act.”

–David Mamet

Three Uses of The Knife: On The Nature And Purpose of Drama

I highly recommend this slender book to everyone. It is a writer’s book of craft, but much, much more than that. The highly astute David Mamet gives us his humorous take on surviving life with some intact sense of understanding.

You can take a look at my collage pieces here: Summary of The Second Act

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