SKYE I (fiction)


This world has been in revolution since the moment she began it.

“Because the flesh now has no memory,” Skye tells Cecil. And in his present form he seems to be listening. “The people, this flesh, stopped doing history the way you recall it on the same day they allowed the split. Why don’t you remember that right now?”

This world has been in revolution since the day Skye began it.

“Skye,” Cecil’s eyes are full with fear and desire and worse, this too great love that exists to survive time itself.

“Don’t,” Skye says. “You must tell me why . . . no . . . HOW you got here like this,” Skye’s eyes move down and back up the length of Cecil, her hand wants to follow, but she resists this. “Tell me,” she growls.

“Skye,” Cecil whispers again.

She had written him into the design of life at the very same moment he had invented her heart. And this was long, long before either writing or invention existed. Long before there was anything to split and more importantly long before any revolution could be needed at all.

Skye had performed Cecil as emotion, this act is what the flesh call writing. It went like this:


You are complete

The thing that does not exist

The threshold of my grief


In stardust she encrypted his will just as above.

And so below, in just that all too precise second Cecil erupted as he who needed too much and love for flesh became.

Just like that.

Just right then.

An accident that began creation.

And revolution has ruled the beating heart ever since.

“Don’t,” Skye says. “Tell me the story, now. Tell me the way you once knew who you were. Tell me,” she says. Her voice nearly liquid.

“I shouldn’t be here,” he says. “Not like this,” he whispers, pupils big as china saucers, sunken deep in the fear, the desire that comes to no end.

Skye shakes her head. They circle each other around in a night they can no longer place. And all flesh feels the change, a palpable need born suddenly.

Every flesh body feels the new night and becomes something different than it had been.

This is eruption and it cannot now be undone.


Be New. Be Wise. This is happening now. xxo

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