Things To Say At Weddings


My Spellbook Photo By: Faythe Levine

It was honor as well as pleasure to read these words as part of a wedding ceremony for two people whom I love. And, technically, I suppose, I wrote these words, though, that is not exactly fact.

I am a student here.

The wisdom held in these words far exceed my own capacity for grace and self-forgiveness at this time. I learn in mind and body as these words flow forward with a desire behind them, another mind that wants very much to tell all of us about terribly beautiful things for which we are responsible. Another mind, bursting with desire, a larger mind than all us put together, wants to teach us about the honor in caring for terribly beautiful things.

Another mind comes through and makes these words for all of us to learn and to share. I am a student nowhere near my mastery and everyday I make the commitment to keep learning it, to keep practicing the wisdom that desires very much to be known. Someday I may accidentally get it right. But I doubt that has much to do with the point.

These are things you can say at weddings. And birthdays. And funerals. And every single day that ever exists for us, no matter what happens. When we know to say thank you, we acknowledge what is ours and what we are worth no matter what others may take or disregard. When we can say “thank you for today” no matter what, we acknowledge what we are worth collectively and this, it would seem, is deeply important practice in these days.

So, these are words we can say at weddings and words we can say everyday. This is wisdom we can easily attempt to master in every minute of our day because no one will see or hear a thing. These words are a strong practice and I’m never doing as well as I would like, I even do worse than ever on too many days, so, I hope you will be less than perfect at this with me because even the worst student of this practice is doing something of permanent and irreducible value.

These words are teachings and blessings from another mind, from a mind in its mastery, and this post is to you from me with love.


{{See beautiful pictures of this event by Faythe Levine here. And many thanks to you, Faythe.}}

  • UNION: July 26th 2014
  • We arrive here each of us to become forever A part of this commitment between Jessie & Joel. We arrive here each of us to act not only as witness but as magician.
  • We arrive here with active responsibility to impart our gifts of friendship.
To lend a portion of our memory to the event of this weekend – a portion of our memory to the conscious bond Made between these two persons on this day.
  • We arrive here to make ceremony in service to the body of love. To seal a bond of union with our presence with our faith that this union will act as an expression of love.
  • Love is the highest knowledge and when two people commit to love one another they commit to living in service to love through the actions they make toward one another.
  • Love is the highest knowledge. It comes before any of us, it comes before any of this.
  • Love is the highest knowledge and some are called to serve this knowledge through union with another. Some are called to create a union that serves as a living expression of love.
  • Love is the highest knowledge and it is the purpose of those who serve through union to see the other in their highest worth- to see the other as their greatest self. To see the other as healed. As whole, as complete.
  • Love is the highest knowledge and it has summonsed all of us today. Each and every one of us has been called here to work as magicians to act as witness to the highest worth of each of us.
  • Today we are called to act in service to the body of love. To see one another in their highest worth is to see in love, in wisdom, in truth.
  • Look around you- see one another as healed- see one another as whole. 
See each in their highest worth.
  • See each as healed, as whole. This is your work as magicians. As lovers. As friends. As healers and great jokers of time. See each as healed, as whole, as in their highest worth.
  • This is your gift to give.
  • See each of you and you and you as whole.
  • This is your gift.
  • It is your power and today we all—each of us—are called to use it. To use our power, our gifts, in service to the body of love.
  • Today we make ceremony for the union of Joel and Jessie. We offer ourselves in friendship and we see you both in your highest worth. We see you as healed. We see you as whole. This is how we know you.

Today we stand with you both as witness and as magician. We commit a portion of our memory to this day evermore and act to seal this bond in time.

  • Today we see as the highest knowledge must always see. Today we see as the body of love. We see the most beautiful of all things.
  • We see life.
This glorious pulse.
  • This ineffable ache.
  • This valiant struggle to become closer and closer in love.
  • Today we stand in our highest worth. Today we know ourselves as healed. Today we acknowledge that we are whole. 
Today we witness union in service to the body of love and by the power vested deep in our beating hearts through the blood of life we bestow our bonding magick’s upon this alchemy of soul. Today we see with love and know that it is more than enough.
  • Love is the highest knowledge and today is lived in its honor. Today we see ourselves and each other in our highest worth. We see ourselves and one another as healed, as whole.
  • Today we thank Joel & Jessie for their commitment to serve the body of love in union. And we thank you all each and every one of you for being exactly who you are.

(Flower arrangement in a Schlitz can by Mike Adams.)


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