SKYE II (fiction)

elementsoldpicIn the main room everything had gone quiet.

Honey held her breath against what would come next.  Three months working in Exposure was enough on the job training to prove that target response is always intense though otherwise completely unpredictable.

The longer it took to hear a sound, the louder it was likely to be.

Skye leaned against the wall, “C’mon, C’mon, C’mon,” she said. Her legs bounced against the anticipation and then—bam, crash—into a familiar noise of scattering and shattered ceramic.

“I told you,” Thomas Brennan was growling like an animal.

“Lets go,” Skye took Honey’s wrist, lifting her off the tile as if levitation were something one only need think of to use.

“I told you,” Thomas Brennan said. “I told you,” said a Federal Judge now ruined, finished as a judge, finished as a man all together. Done. All of it buried under the shame that hiding the guilty will bring.

“I told you,” Thomas Brennan hissed once more knowing it could never matter, not now.

“Now,” said Skye into the stars, “Is time in our knowing of ourselves as agreements bound embodied. Now is reckoning. Now,” said Skye, into the stars, “Become the hour of our rise.”

In their memory Skye and Honey flee from Thomas Brennan’s house through an adjacent area of woods, but in truth they strode away from a meeting of men too powerful to be clearly seen, even by the light of day, and Skye and Honey simply walked away.

Skye says, “Do always what is right. The rest is damnation. Simple as this.”

It should, Honey thought, be simple enough, but life after life we return. Life after life we teach this one lesson over and over again.

Skye nodded. Honey has never needed a word, not with Skye and not with anyone. Her mind imprints on sine waves like bumps on a music box grinder and your ears do the rest.

Honey speaks to you all the time, too. She knows the next part of the path so you may want to listen in a new way. Listen with the tips of your fingers to unusual edges on ordinary thoughts. Listen with the hairs on your arms and the skin on the back of your neck. Listen to the thoughts that cover the thoughts we really act upon.

Honey says:

A turn now and upheavals spill down the mountains and into the valleys; across the plains; and into the seas; then back, back, back up and into the skies. Here is where we meet our agreements. Now. On time. Here is where we unmask those still unaware. Here we appear now.

These are the words Honey plays for Skye and for us. These are the words that know enough to act in creation. These are the words that already know and so go on to create now, here, already.

The most simple moral knowledge seeks those who need to understand more deeply what it means to take care.

“Here,” Skye says, “All take care, now. The greater the density the higher the stakes. And here, we take care. Here, now, we take care, we take care into our own bodies.”


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