Talking Frequency With Dr. G


Geryll Robinson

Geryll Robinson puts it this way on Prizmatik Universe:

WE are in a time of possibility. WE are multi-faceted embodiments of our ancestors collective dreaming. WE are black, brown, urban, rural, multi-gender loving, visionary, rageful warriors of peace, peaceful warriors of rage, lovers, haters, co-creators. We are spiral spirited be-ings living in a time of war and dogma. The “label” Prizmatik allows me to be sum of my parts. My sexuality, brilliance, vision and expression is all of what makes me. If you feeling me on this, it is all of what makes you. Prizmatik Universe wants to hear from the future. From the Present. From the Visionaries who can see the we of our ancestors wildest dreams. Love Love and More Love.”

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Geryll Robinson, known to me more precisely as Dr. G, is a powerful healer and luminary. The pleasure of her company is of the variety that can transport you beyond some unnamable hang up—but you have to learn to live there on your own.

Dr. G has a closet full of tools both practical and magickal for individual and collective healing. She works with chakra centers and Reiki energy and also receives plenty of  downloads from higher consciousness and these always resonate with me, so I am so happy to offer her words here and share that energy.

It matters to me every morning to focus my thoughts on the points of light I see all around me. The individual healers and thinkers and makers–the crafts people and the medicine makers. Every morning I think of all the wild spirits I know personally who are creating solutions to our hungers and the strife we face at the current, in the current.

I am very glad to offer this talk and very glad for the day.

It matters to me every morning to see a constellation of medicine makers and the rising  wave of healers entering the current and preserving/creating our possibilities to better adapt/evolve as a species.

I am very glad to offer this talk and very glad for the day.

I asked Dr. G about frequency and she sent me these birds on a wire. It is a perfect thing to take a look at before you read further. Really. Just perfect.

I learn many things from Dr. G, the power of self-care is only one of them, but one that requires consistent attention because care requires consistent attention. The meaning of care must be that; consistent attention.

Community self-care moves beyond the rituals of private grieving and into the open as a series of public practices performed by healers and survivors over time, over the course of our lives. Individuals and communities need mental health and stability over time, over the course of our lives we need these in order to thrive, at all.

Good medicine sees that reality and responds to the extent of healing that is required by planning appropriately to meet that need over time. Private ritual and public practice is self-care. We do it for ourselves for each other. Every day.

Public practice is potent medicine; delivered directly as declaration and open invitation to transform, to act as a creator of the highest order, public practice reaches outward. This is the motion toward creating spaces conducive to our needs for health and the longevity of that health.

 As many seek to create these spaces, these spaces are created.

My experience with this present talk with Dr. G is one of functionality. I have felt highly functional since this conversation and in the re-reads of it too. This is the effect I gain.

Get more medicine and awareness practice with Dr. G on her youtube channel and get connected with Five Directions Wellness, too.

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Enjoy Very Much. . .

ME: Let’s start with the deep history of the self. The ancestors. How do you see the relationship we hold with our ancestors and are there special relationships we may hold with some in particular?

G: Time is not linear or designed in any of the ways that we are programmed to perceive it. With that said, we really do stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Not just in our blood lineage or on the Earth. All that is and ever was is part of our relationship with our ancestors. Including intergalactic star-being associations, dreams, the collective unconscious, and the embodied souls who have gone before us.

ME: Okay . . . inter galactic right up front! Cool. I was never a ‘believer’ in past lives and last year– last January exactly– I had an image go through my mind, just quick– I was sweeping the floor or something– and I saw this body of light with thousands of tendrils of light coming off it and going through these passageways-– And I thought, “That’s me!” And through one of those passages is this body and through all the others– the thousands of other passages are thousands of other beings and we are all connected, because we are the same light being. I had this quick epiphany of simultaneous lives, simultaneous beings. Do we live in different periods of time simultaneously? And is that part of the reason we can hold the wounds of our ancestors? Because we are them in a direct sense?

G: Yes!

It’s hard for people to there because of the security and comfort that comes with dimensional singularity. It’s much easier to figure things out if we keep our consciousness focused on the obvious. I believe from a Shamanic/Universal/elemental perspective that we are operating on many levels of perceptions at all times. And that all humans have the ability to tap that connection in ways that will make living this particular incarnation more easeful and meaningful for us. Ultimately co-creating a more harmonious co-existence on the planet and beyond.

I believe that much of our anxiety, depression, and mental/emotional instability comes from the efforts we put into ignoring our awarenesses of multi dimensional existence. When the feelings come up we often squash them or rewrite them to fit our simplistic narratives of safety in this dimension. They then become symptoms that we commonly describe as mental health issues.

 When our sense of safety is threatened by these awarenesses we have during dream time, or while sweeping, or driving, or making love for instance, we naturally as mammals respond with defense mechanisms in our Autonomic Nervous Systems (ie: fight, flight, freeze) and play out symptoms of a Nervous system hyper/hypo arousal.

 When we allow our conscious selves to be open to possibility, we can create new templates in our neural patterning that allow our consciousness to expand.

Don’t know why the map visited you. But yes, that’s where I’m located in this dimension.

ME: I have been watching the terrific videos you make for you tube, in one of these you speak of this time as the moment when the snake is eating the tail. You use that famous image as a template for time itself–and you say that those of us here right now are experiencing that specific moment. Do some of us choose this and our work here at this juncture?

G: Thank you. Glad you’re feeling the download on the videos. That’s a way to contextualize it for sure. The idea that we are all star seeded for our time. That we have an innate wisdom (not unlike the migratory instincts of birds and butterflies) about our purpose and work here in service to the evolving consciousness of the planet.

Which is why opening up to a deeper re-membering of ourselves can bring ease and harmony to these very emotionally trying times.

And what we’re talking about, btw is not new news. It certainly has been suppressed and co-opted over the centuries, but mystics, healers, lay people and humans on every inhabited continent have been contemplating these very same interconnected truths since the beginning of recorded human expression.

I think here in the modern US, we like to think of this kind of lifestyle as New Age or Woo, or Hippie $hit. When in fact it’s our natural condition. Always has been.

We’re products of a society founded on very simple esoteric belief systems (BS) around heaven/hell, good/bad, monotheism, and the overall villification of all practices that deviate from those “norms” so in some ways this conversation is an ongoing act of decolonization.

ME: Okay, so, that’s great, that’s witchcraft. Right now as witches, what are we doing?

 G: I’m loving reclaiming the identity of witch. My work with LaKeesha Harris and Zoe Flowers in The Black Witch Chronicles series for instance, is so empowering for us and our viewers. People who use intuition, dreams, plant spirit, animal, and mineral allies have been globally persecuted in one way or another for centuries. I’m enjoying coming out of the broom closet as a Black Witch!

 ME: I love that series. And the body of witch– when decolonization is the topic, that is primary. Reigning in, destroying, humiliating the witch. There is no colonial hegemony without that shit.

G: As witches/lightworkers/indigos/rainbow/crystal children (or whatever star seed identity floats your boat) we are acting as Earth stewards and holding space for the rise of the Divine Feminine which will contribute to balancing the energies of society and therefore the planet.

We see it being played out publicly in our rape culture which at this time is entrained to protect the rapist and persecute the victim.

This protection/persecution pattern can be related to our attachment to the binary. Because a father, husband, friend has good qualities we experience cognitive dissonance when we find out that they were also deeply wounded individuals who acted in ways that perpetuated harm to others.

The creative power of sex is astounding and still impossible to logically explain. We have therefore as a species chosen to try and control it in ways that don’t serve. The mysterious power of the uterus has been seen as a threat to global security for a long time.

 Rape is one of the earliest weapons of mass destruction used during war time. Killing the men of a rival group and impregnating the Womyn with the DNA of the conqueror is about war.

The destruction and “instinction” of the indigenous American populations was methodically planned and charted by European colonial forces. It was believed “scientifically” that the Indian could be bred out of a person in three generations. From Mestizo to Castizo to European, for instance.

So yeah, the bountiful creative power of sexuality has been utilized as a weapon that we are as witches taking back as our natural birth right. It’s a matter of rights as far as I’m concerned — which is ultimately a great part of conscious evolution.

 ME: Yes! We are remembering our birthrights, I have that sense very strongly. 
I speak with so many people who are seeking their/our purpose. This seems to be the cry of the time: “Just tell me my work and I will do it!” I listen to a specific conscious channel (Paul Selig) and his guides say that this is our constant question for them. “What is my purpose?” And remembering is the big message–yet– it frustrates the mind. It frustrates so deeply and it frustrates so many. So many people desperately need/want/desire to contribute to healing and to reordering the social world and feel so thwarted. What are some of the means you use in your practice with yourself and your clients to relax the brain–or however you put it– into remembering our purpose? We are trained to over think everything and it feels like a crisis in spiritual circles particularly because there are so many Hippie $hit practioners who are willing to make promises people want to hear.

G: Honestly, the first step is accepting that we have created a reality based on systems that were taught to us. So first off, much of our reasoning even when well intentioned is flawed. Then we must commit to doing some unlearning–which often challenges the ego to do it’s disruptive nature in our day to day constructs. Like “Wow, I invested in 20 years of education and now I’m questioning the validity of it all? Who am I without that wisdom? That accolade? Does the lifestyle I’m leading support me in dismantling preconceived notions? And on and on”. Letting go is mighty hard for most of us because our actual identities and sense of self are tied up in the BS (belief systems) that we built our lives on. Therefore, discussions, meditations, journaling, Support groups, and guidance from healers who have the appropriate tools to assist in ones conscious evolution are very helpful. For some it starts with building an ancestor altar, or making a pilgrimage, or initiating into a mystical school of thought, becoming a healer, channeling through art…. For each of us the path may be different.

This huge beast we contend with daily is the monetary/debt system that is currently in place. I try to sit back and appreciate how deeply effective the debt system really is, I admire that quality in it because I feel a need to see it clearly.

Can you speak to the subject of control and the ego?

G: My first thoughts are around your respect for the effectiveness of the debt system. You got that right! This country and its founding Empire(s) have been built on the enslavement and control of the souls that make up the so-called work force. Sharecropping and indentured servitude is not a thing of the past. It just looks humane and prosperous now that the average American is working to maintain corporate and otherwise power through our endless striving for material wealth at the expense of our health and spiritual well being.

Our best hours and energies are spent working for the visions and power of our so-called employers and we are left little time to do the work of loving family, building community, and following the guidance of our ancestors etc. So yes, spirituality is the work of empowerment and dećolonization. It is therefore, downplayed, ridiculed, and villified unless it fits the pre made mold created by culturally sanctioned religious dogma.

ME: And straight up sabotaged in some instances. Building community especially.

G: In my experience, starting a practice of intentional listening and connecting to Spirit is the first step to increased spiritual freedom. Opening up to guidance by building an ancestor altar and or an altar of personal creation can be surprisingly helpful in bringing clarity. Getting clarity about ones priorities and visions and then holding that list up to view how it compares to ones current choices and energy expenditures can be very instructive and telling.

Disrupting the Building of community is also an age old tactic that can be traced through our hystory as a nation. Right now we often find ourselves moving around the continent and globe in search of employment rather than staying within proximity of our families and/or communities. Enslaved people’s for instance, were systematically separated from family in order to better maintain control over the work force. Many of the same tactics used for the creation of this society continue to be used. Enslavement is not strictly relegated to race. Many people don’t even consider that. The Internet/social media however is being used as a community building tool across time and space and I feel it is helping to facilitate the co-creation of new paradigm conscious evolution that is all about seeing our selves as a microcosm of the macrocosm. “Problems”, as visionary change maker Barbara Marx Hubbard states, “should be used as Evolutionary drivers”. When we have a pain in our physical bodies it is the body signaling us to investigate, not run away or ignore. This is true for all pains and discomforts on every level especially the mental/emotional/psychic planes.

As a critical mass / tipping point of global souls re-member our purpose here, we actually shift the collective consciousness of humanity. By just doing our own work we naturally contribute to shifting the frequency of the “hive mind” into a place of personal empowerment and vision that includes the consideration of the health of the planet and the next 7 generations. This is what I see as the paradigm shift of our time.

One of the challenges to doing this work is the anger, grief and denial any of us may feel when we realize we have been manipulated into living outside of our authentic selves. Waking up can cause all kinds of emotional disturbances including depression or a feeling of losing control or losing ones mind. This is where community comes into play and can help us to contextualize our collective conscious evolution in ways that feel safer and saner. This dialogue, for instance, is providing a sense of justice and clarity for me.

ME: Yes! I hadn’t thought of it like that, but yes, justice does come from these dialogues.

G: We are definitely energetic electrical beings. It is the frequency of our life force that keeps the body active, synapses firing, cells reproducing etc. If we look deeper into say the quantum physics research on dark matter and the multiverse we see that everything is a frequency and that we actually know little about the nature of the universe. The observable universe is but a fraction of what we know is there… We just can’t see it or explain it yet scientifically. So, I’m not waiting for an explanation from the powers that be — I’m accessing the frequency of life and learning from my experiences


ME: There is so much more to ask/say/do here. And we will continue on many planes to do so. Thank You so much, Dr. G for spending some time with me.

G: One love and thank you. It’s been a pleasure.

PS: I emailed Dr. G later and asked her to send anything that came to her mind for resources and she sent this my way:

“I actually am so into the kind of downloads that come from living as opposed to reading right now…. I feel researching ones roots and ancestral legacies pre and post US citizenship can b very helpful. For instance reading Isabelle Wilkersons “The Warmth of Other Suns” really opened me up to connections with my legacy as a child of the Great Migration and is helping me contextualize my early childhood experiences with my family.” -Dr. G

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Dr. G. Love

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