HEALING WORLDS: Dr. Geryll Robinson And Valencia Wombone


Valencia Wombone And Dr. G. Love

Rising and rising now are networks of accomplished healers, and writers of stories now being told.

Rising and rising are leaders doing the action of installing working infrastructure for the distribution of education and medicine and markets around the world.

Rising and rising are those who move into the spaces already healed in their vision and continue to heal those spaces.

Rising and rising are the opportunities to contribute and become.

Rising and rising a flood of power, a band of exploding energies, is available to us all as we so choose to become aware.

It is a special moment to have the opportunity to receive and to share the insight, inspiration, and visions of Geryll “Dr. G Love” Robinson and Valencia Wombone.

This conversation is what it looks and feels like to catch onto the flood of power that now rushes through all of us and through the quakes of a shifting world.

The vision of Sojourners Land Movement spills from a rising spirit calling all healers wincrystaland visionaries to materialize a sacred world (s). SLM is one such world currently in co-creation and emerging materialization. These words are presented to honor the rising of this particular sacred world and to pay due respect to these divine beings now working to do the action of materialization.

I ask all who read these words to consider the gravity of the call. Consider a sacred world. What does it look like and sound like and feel like to live in a sacred world? To behave in the truth of one another as sacred beings? What does it mean to heal from the dreadful delusion that any other world, a world other than sacred,  could be acceptable at all?

My pleasure in this conversation is equal only to the enthusiasm I hold for breathing into, leaning into the power we have collectively to create healed bodies, healed spaces, healed spirits, and healed communities. We sit on a brink of possibility.

Welcome to the Vision of Sojourners Land Movement:

“Sojourners Land is an eco-spiritual practice space for Prismatic, Queer, Transgender, Intergender and Two-Spirit People of Color. Our roots are with Black Queer and Transgender Women and, from loving there, we branch to connect with our whole Earth family to bring about healing that only we are capable of.

An autonomous space where QTI2PoC survivor healers can connect with and celebrate our heritage as earth lovers, story-keepers and community leaders.

We are committed to healing the traumatic effects of indigenous peoples being removed from home land and becoming re-indigenous while both the land and people are under conditions of slavery.

We proactively respond to life-threatening violence, poverty and homelessness which overwhelmingly targets transgender and queer women of color and gender non-conforming individuals.

Sojourners Land is a radical eco-spiritual practice space for Prismatic QTI2PoC survival, resistance and rejuvenation.”

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And meet my guests, please:

Dr. G Love Channeling The Ancestors/Sepia Bear Claw /Photo By: Jeri Hilt

Dr. G Love Channeling The Ancestors/Sepia Bear Claw /Photo By: Jeri Hilt

Geryll “Dr. G. Love” Robinson, is an internationally appreciated healer, diviner, teacher, artist and change maker. She has participated in the conscious awakening of thousands of people who know that they are more complex than the world has taught them to believe.

Dr. G Love is also a writer and performer and an artist living deep in this dream of life. She is currently healing clients with Five Directions Wellness, conjuring worlds with The Black Witch Chronicles, and co-creating the dream of Sojourners Land Movement as a healing world that goes with you everywhere you are. Her skills remain too numerous to name.

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Valencia Wombone is a spirit-guided artist whose work is expressed through various media including writing, linoleum prints, embroidery, zine design, poetry, divination, and self-sustaining safe-space carpentry in the building of Homes on Wheels. Valencia is also the grounder of Sojourners Land Movement, an emerging QTI2POC Eco-Spiritual practice space.

“Everything I do with my life force is a creation of art”. -Valencia Wombone

Valencia’s ‘Homes On Wheels’ is an emerging form of healing, creating/building a safe space that travels with you. Valencia and Sojourners will be offering skill shares to teach and support others in designing and building their own traveling homes. Please enjoy pictures of Valencia’s beautiful traveling home on wheels sprinkled throughout the following conversation.

Experience some of Valencia’s linoleum cut prints of ancestors who left Imprints of Love.  Her wonderful visual and flowing writing work is also to be experienced on the Imprints of Love tumblr page.

Valencia Wombone/Photo by: Fabiola Jean-Louis

Valencia Wombone/Photo by: Fabiola Jean-Louis


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No words can do for either of these golden spirits, the best way to go is to feel and see and hear the power that radiates from the following transmissions.

Thank you for joining us. Relax and expand. Big love. XXO

MICHELLE: Good Morning and Hello! I’m so happy to gather with you both today. Sojourners* Land Movement is an energizing project. We are alive at a dynamic moment and there exists the very real tension between the excitement of creating the future by living in it now and the reality that healing old wounds is part of bringing our bodies into an alignment strong enough to do that creating and living.

The balance between future creation and healing wounds is an exquisite and difficult balance that the vision of Sojourners Land Movement openly embraces. It’s thrilling. 
Would you speak on an aspect of how gaining a sense of place/connection to land works as a medicine?

*Originally I had inserted an apostrophe, which does not belong; Valencia brings this text into alignment as follows . . .

VALENCIA: What a pleasure it is on this new moon (We gathered July 15th 2015) to share the seed stories of Sojourners Land Movement. It is difficult for folks like me, trained in English grammar, to accept the accuracy of the

Valencia's Home On Wheels Early Phase

Valencia’s Home On Wheels Stage One

missing apostrophe in Sojourners Land Movement. But our omission is intentional and rooted in the spell that we are moving in our relationship to land. We want to emphasize the plural versus the possessive to honor the many beings with connection to the land, rather than follow the models of ownership and possession.

SLM begins to address the fundamental reality of our wounded disconnection from Earth by situating in organic healing relationships and practices. When I tune into the energies of the environment, I am cultivating listening to the messages and medicine that are always present.

DR. G: 
 Good Morning. Today I awoke in my mountain retreat with a clear message to make a Bleeding Heart Flower Essence for myself and as part of my Enigma Flower Essence Line that will be available through the BlackWitchChronicles.com web store soon. Sleeping on the earth clears the mind so I can hear the messages of elemental allies.

The nature spirits of the Earth are in fact hystorically understood to be the true stewards of this planet. When I am immersed and held in a safe natural space without the distractions of two-legged creation, I am better able to hear the messages of my body and emotions.

Bleeding Heart, for instance, is an essence that heals the wounds of grief and heartbreak. Last night I went to sleep with the loss of three animal familiars weighing heavy on my heart. In 24 hours my family lost a hummingbird visitor, a Love Bird we have lived with for 15 years, and a family dog. I awoke with the message that the Bleeding Heart plant medicine growing in our garden will help me and my family move through the loss of our familiars.

This is one of many examples of how nature speaks to us and works with us in service to balance and co-creative harmony.

VALENCIA: With SLM we are working on connecting ourselves with Earth and Ancestors as living spiritual beings, dynamic in us.

DR. G: 

MICHELLE: You use ritual practices to keep connections? To create connections? Would you speak of the use of ritual and relationship to land/place?

VALENCIA: We recognize the stellar nature of all beings by getting ourselves in relationship with Earth that reflects this.

I am ALL about the everyday ritual of composting!

Valencia's Home On Wheels

Valencia’s Home On Wheels Stage Two

DR. G: Valencia often speaks of how our organ bodies and emotional states are reflections of nature…. I would love to hear more from you on that, Valencia.

The rituals of breathing, walking, dreaming, intuition, nourishing ourselves, loving, and being in community are some of the most powerful tools we have available to us.

We often don’t think of something as basic as respiration or preparing a meal as ritual… Yet these patterned actions are powerful portals to healing and transformation.


 When creating compost, I connect myself with Earth-loving mythologies and practices. With the topsoil on the planet thinned to crisis by industrial agriculture and the world´s potable water privatized for profit, composting is a radical liberating ritual.

DR. G: 
 When we are in nature we can re-member to drop into ourselves as perfect reflections of nature and use our own patterns as roadmaps to divinity and wholeness. What I love most about this approach is that concepts of “pathology” and “brokenness” are not applicable. Every being is a divine reflection of the whole.

Can you explain more about composting?

Valencia's Home On Wheels Interior

Valencia’s Home On Wheels Interior

VALENCIA: In the same way that we have a consumerist throw-away culture that makes trash of our physical world, we are taught to discard our emotions and to accumulate energetic trash heaps. When I am composting my physical waste rather than turning it into toxic trash, I am also doing inner composting with my emotional and organ body. You know the saying, ¨Everything you do to the Earth, you do to yourself¨.? Well the same applies here and it goes both ways, what we do to ourselves we do to Earth, as we are inextricably bound. The ways that I practice handling my physical waste to build soil are applied inwardly to cultivate deeper inner capacities, emotional, mental and spiritual.

DR. G: Transforming our inner and outer waste into inner and outer wealth! Transmutation on the physical realms informs the Transmutation of the psycho/emotional spirit realms.

MICHELLE: What are some of the visualizations you use in your daily rituals? Do you imagine the threads of connections between self and earth? Do you use poetry/prayer during your daily rituals?


Valencia’s Art Work

I am a crafty witch who relies heavily on images to create from the abundance that Earth offers. I made a lino-cut from a photograph of me hugging myself, then printed it in the colors of the emotional composting practice; white, blue, green, red and yellow (pictured to the left). A visualization ritual emerged when I hung the prints on the walls as I started to meditate on the colors, sounds and corresponding emotions and organs.

DR. G: I like to use altars as the catalysts for my daily rituals. The act of creating an altar or honoring a circle of trees as Earth altar often opens my awareness up to the universal web of interconnection. From there poetry, prayer, art, and vision often begin to flow. Or the right person contacts me, or I see an image on social media that inspires me…. As one of my teachers often says, “Ritual begets Relationship”. Each person has their own best rituals.

YES! I see Valencia mirroring herself in drawings and I think I see a little

Dr. G's Altar

Dr. G’s Altar

hand mirror on your altar, Dr. G (Photo to the right). Can you give a few words on mirrors and their meaning and purpose in our lives?

DR. G: 
I often forget to include myself in the work I do and the visions I express. I fall for the outmoded paradigm of healer as sacrifice. When I mirror myself and center myself in the ritual healing work, I am reminded that I am my greatest resource. I am my best patient. I am my best guide. My wholeness reflects and encourages the wholeness of all.

For much of my life I have been trained/tricked into looking outside of myself for validation, abundance, approval, and love. The mirror reminds me to reflect all of this to and from self.

I also find my fellow co-creators and Black Witches to be divine reflections of self. I am capable of seeing and loving in others some of what I may be incapable of seeing or loving in myself.

VALENCIA: My home on wheels is a mobile altar full of mirrors. Gazing at myself in daily ritual has allowed me to create more loving images of myself in the world. I feel more capable of offering loving kindness to others because I am in practice moving this energy with myself. Mirrors are central to the altars that I keep for these self-loving rituals.

Yes, Geryll, as divine healing reflections, we must remember to implement the wisdom in the expression: ¨Give to yourself what you so easily give to others¨.

DR. G: 
Turns out that has been easier said than done!

YES! I want to repeat the words . . . allowed me to create more loving images of myself. Thank you for those, Valencia. And a big yes to seeing our selves with more compassion through our compassion for others.

I want to ask about giving and receiving.

DR. G: 
The messages of the dominant culture I was raised in taught me that it was

Dr. G Love Channeling The Ancestors/Shamana/Photo By: Jeri Hilt

Dr. G Love Channeling The Ancestors/Shamana/Photo By: Jeri Hilt

better to give than to receive. That giving would lead to rewards in another land or in an unseen future. I fell for that pile of uncomposted shit for a long time and came up feeling depleted and taken advantage of. So for me, true receptivity is a relatively new practice.

Wow! It’s frightening too. Receiving is terrifying. The risk can feel overwhelming and giving to keep safe is too common.

DR. G: 
”Ayni” is a Quechua concept for “divine reciprocity”. A true act of co-creative balance is the most organic thing the earth has to offer. The Tree exhales Oxygen, the Mammal inhales Oxygen. The Mammal exhales Carbon Dioxide, The Tree inhales Carbon Dioxide…. Ayni.

Everything is energy and we are energy workers learning to balance both what we take on and receive from a severely traumatized world and what we give out from our own often depleted energy bodies. Having secure connections to the regenerative powers of Earth help keep us healers/wholers in sane and well.

I give out a lot of energy in huge crowds and then find that I must retreat to weeks of few encounters with humyns.

Beautiful! If you would both be willing you speak on the story as medicine as our last topic today I would be grateful to you.

DR. G: This is what SoJos is so capable of offering. A safer space to practice receptivity.

Sojourners Land is actually everywhere our community of Prizmatic Queer People of Color are gathering to co-create realities of Wholeness. We have just this year been called to steward land in Tennessee where we will be building space to host healing ritual retreats, artist vision journeys, and Eco-Spiritual collaborative process. Sojourners Land will eventually be offering Earth guided apprenticeships in a variety of Earth Centered practices.

VALENCIA: Yes indeed, Sojourners Land is a movement right now that is everywhere where we are practicing connecting whole in our relationships with Earth. We have been offering ways for our comrades to imagine life beyond rents and mortgages, free from utility bills, with decreased grocery bills while living connected to renewable energy, earthen housing and abundant gardens. The stresses and traumas that keep us in cycles barely surviving as Black and People of Color prismatic beings also keep us from having time and space to imagine ways to free ourselves to address our mental, emotional and spiritual health. SLM offers practice space for healers to strengthen the rituals that harmonize us with Earth and ancestor energies.

wincrystalDR. G. LOVE: Stories are spells that weave themselves into our dreams, hopes, and desires. Stories are the great creators of reality. This is why telling our own stories is such powerful medicine.

VALENCIA: We live in direct relation to the myths and stories of our cultures. When we are raised with inaccurate and malicious stories about who we are, we behave in ways that are destructive to our personal and collective well-beings.

Reclaiming and rewriting the stolen/buried/forgotten stories of our ancestors and legacies in modern day Black Prizmatic Feminine Form is the most potent medicine I have to share as a Diviner, Healer, Lover, and Artist.

 “To enter the realm of the Ancestors with a story to tell¨ as Malidoma Some says, I am constantly writing stories to whole myself, to listen to the ancestors of this physical and energetic form, to put salve on my mother´s unspoken stories, and, as Geryll says, to re-write our cosmic roots.

DR. G. LOVE: Oooh I wish I could take a picture of the cozmic tree that comes to mind right now as we get down to these cosmic roots.

DR. G. LOVE: In this Tree image we are but a leaf on a mighty ancient tree with a vast network of roots that span across the entire globe. Not unlike the worldwide web.

When we speak of ancestors we commonly think of those in our bloodline that we can trace. These ancestors merely make up a small branch on the larger branch that connects to the wide trunk of this tree. Our ancestors cross time and space. Our ancestors may be water spirits, or earth spirits, or intergalactic spirits… they are all webbed in through our Cosmic Roots.

Through the act of decolonization we are able to reclaim and re-member our time honed ancestral practices of reconnection through the cosmic roots. We can shift our collective movements into a cyclical dance that works in harmony with the cycles of the Earth and our balanced place in the Universe.

wincrystalMICHELLE: How may we support Sojourners Land Movement energetically? How may we make offerings of magick and monies to the beautiful emerging world of Sojourners??

Dr. G: Right now we are in the process of gathering funds to pay off the rest of the note as stewards, vision questing on the land to receive clear messages from the land itself about what it needs, and then clearing, planting, and building will be in order for next spring!

We are seeking financial donations, skilled land workers, visionaries, carpenters, and volunteers for each stage of Sojourners Lands becoming. We have a fundraising site
where you can donate to and support this visionary Safer Space for QTI2PoC liberation and conscious evolution.

For a more in-depth discussion on QTI2PoC Spirit Work check out the Black Witch Chronicles video on Queering The Spirit with Sojourners Land ally, Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs.

Valencia Wombone/Photo By: Fabiola Jean-Louis

Valencia Wombone/Photo By: Fabiola Jean-Louis

VALENCIA: The best way to donate electronically is through paypal to Sojourners@riseup.net. To ensure that we receive all the funds. please ¨send money to family or friends¨. We are also selling handmade original art prints with all funds going to support Sojourners. And, always, all ways, you can support energetically by making a world where Prismatic Black and People of Color Love and Lives are more possible and thriving.

MICHELLE: Yes. Yes, we can all make a sacred world. Everyday we can. Thank you both so much for this time. It matters so very much and my energy flows great abundance towards you personally, towards SLM, toward all bodies and spirits generating a sacred world. I flow great abundance to you. And great abundance flows endlessly to you. Thank you both again, beyond words and worlds BIG LOVE . . . xxo


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