KOOK TEFLON: Talking Across The Veils

Kook Teflon is in a continous state of motion. She is a dollmaker, videographer, IMG_7081photographer, and muscian among other more esoteric callings. She is a Hoo Doo Practitioner, a Rootworker and a Witch who does readings and is even trained to conduct depossesions if necessary. Fortunately, according to Ms. Kook, this is rarely needed.

Kook Teflon has a presence that quietly entrances you. Yes she has a sweet smile and a loving attitude, but it is the bright lights that surround her life force that really draw you into her sphere of energy. 

Enjoy learning more about Kook and follow her on Facebook for tons of cool photography and art and happenings.


Cunning Crow Apothecary

MICHELLE: What is your first memory of having an extra sensory experience? How old were you, what did the adults around you say, if anything?

KOOK: When i was about 3 my mother said i sat on her lap and started telling her stories about my life before i arrived before i came down here, she said it gave her chills and i told her all about some ancestors that had passed away before i was born, our family is Hungarian and we have alot of people with clairvoyance,  so the adults in my life were always encouraging. I feel lucky!

The house we lived in from when i was 4-12 is when i first recall my personal extra IMG_7079sensory encounters, the house was paranormally active.  My dreams have always been foretelling and still are to this day.

M: You were speaking of your ancestors from the beginning. I know you are a dollmaker and the ancestors are a key aspect of this art and craft. What is your process like in conceiving and building your dolls?

KOOK: The ancestors have always been so important to me in all my processes of art and in magic, My grandmother had a huge part in raising me and we would spend days together and she would tell me the details of her immediate family, she was so scared that their stories would be lost.  She taught me all my sewing n creative crafty skills, i feel she is with me for many of my pieces……

I also danse heavily in the dark which wasn’t her thing, i am very connected with the LOA / Ghede, Laveau, I am also a Priestess of Hekate.  These spirits  also tell me their stories and guide me in my creations.

Since I am a Hoodoo Practitioner I use  specific organic plants that are always placed inside my dolls that charge them, which includes a  a eucalyptus nut that is retrieved from a tree planted in the 1860’s by Mary Ellen Pleasant (1817-1904).  

A woman that was 6’1 and had a green eye n’ a brown eye, that would dress as a man and ride ahead of the underground railroad to keep the coast clear and played a huge part in the abolitionist  movement,

she was born into slavery and her mother was murdered in front of her for being a vodou priestess, she grew up in Nantucket and the family that owned her educated her and included her as part of their family, she married into money and as a widower inherited $30 million dollars, her second husband was the cousin of Marie Laveau, who advised her on settling in SF. She was able to pay for persons freedom and help start their business’s there. She even fought the city to ride the trolley and won!

I charge all my dolls with these nuts!!

IMG_7080M: That’s a beautiful honor. You are such a lighted being. It just shoots out of you. One of the most captivating thing about your presence is this big love. It is so palpable. You are connected to the dark as you describe you above. What are you pulling from the shadows? How is it informing or contrasting this bouyant presence that is you? That may be an over complicated ask– but what does dark mean to you?

K: Aww you are so sweet.. I have lots of love and compassion… i’ve always understood where the Angels are and why the Demons are the way they are from a very young age, When i say dark i mean the dead, the lost souls, necromancers…..I’ve always felt comfortable around them and wanna hear their stories, mostly it seems they have been misunderstood.

I have always been different and i know lots of people are , again i am lucky that i was raised with a mother that was a practitioner, a believer and encouraged me to always be my true self and top put myself out there be vulnerable but also have boundaries. And respecting the differences in others.

In high school she’d put together tarot parties ( she was a reader) and have me do past life readings, it was a little intense for me at 15, people would start weeping and so i stopped. I know now it was because i was striking a chord of truth.

M: You do work on sites where there are reports of activity? Do you help clear/understand and move lingering spirits? What are you seeking when you work with ‘place’?

K: Yes i worked for many years in the infamous Butterworth Mortuary here in Seattle, IMG_7082for the most part i am the only one that took groups in. I would tell the history, the stories and the deaths that occurred here in the downtown area when seattle was settled. Some very intense situations happened in my 5 year there, it’d be quiet for 2 or 3 months and then boom everytime i’d go in it would be active, that is a place that the spirits can not be exorcised, it is definitely a portal.

The spirits were getting a lil too attached so i resigned, but when i do go in and help spirits cross over or make an agreement with them to chill out i do it with full compassion! Normally they just wanna be heard and have something to say.

I call on my ancestors n psychopomps for protection and guidance whenever i enter a known active space that i have been invited to. I seek to help the living and the dead be heard and empower them to cross over if they haven’t, which is pretty interesting!

If its demonic i would normally have the owner’s contact a church cause that is outta my zone, at least for now it is.

Prior to the mortuary i hosted a monthly death show and would tell the audience about ol mourning traditions and how in modern times especially in America it is frowned upon to mourn more than a week, proper healing takes time and you must grieve. I also had a public access show in Seattle from 2007-2009 called ‘Ill Famed Spirits” i would focus on stories and hauntings in different neighborhoods. I grew alot during that period of time.

Currently I’ve been contacted by a few businesses to come in and help, I had to remove a Witch Ladder from a cafe door that noone else was willing to touch, i just called on Hekate and she helped me get it to the river.

M: You were used to these energies being around, you just listened from the start like IMG_7078anything else around you. Your sympathy developed before fear. I love that you do this and your viewpoint on it all. To help both the living and the dead through a balancing of communication between worlds. I have to ask, what is a psychopomp?

K: Yeah last year i walked into a shop and there was a tarot reader, i sat down next to her and she said “wow you have a caravan of spirits with you, and the difference between you and others is that you speak to them all and communicate & have a relationship with each one so they are all heard and feel important”, everyone is a badass and i like helping reignite that in others or remind them through my healing practice, i went through major loss,grief n divorce in 2012-2014 and as hellish as it was i grew from it and healed and know that one of my reason in this journey is to help others with the most compassion and holding space for them in these times, i spent the last 5 years in constant training, workshops, i even became an initiate to conduct Deposessions, i’ve done a few so far and it is the best feeling to help others and help the dead pass on. I also did a medium ship and learned boundries…

A psychopomp are the spirits that greet you when you die and help you cross the river to the veil, for example Baron Samedi, Grim Reaper and Hekate….they aren’t gonna take you if you’re not ready but they make the transition alot easier and smoother xx

M: What is the basic theory behind the deposessions that you are doing? What are some of the symptoms you look for?

K: My teacher Ylva Mara Radziszewski that taught the depo’s is so amazing and I realized i had been doing this on a lower level for many years but what i learned is that approaching the client and spirit with thee upmost respect and compassion is key, i currently see about 3-7 clients a week and in the last 4 months there are only 2 that i felt where in need of an immediate depo,

They are both successful,highly intelligent persons. But during our sessions i could tell IMG_7084 (2)someone else was answering their questions, and they’d go back and forth with thoughts. Normally the signs are also insomnia, lethargy, a sudden pain or craving for a food you wouldn’t normally eat, strange thoughts that even the client is aware not normal. Also they have normally tried medical and professional help.

When i say possessed it isn’t like in the scene of what Hollywood portrays or how a demonic one would be, it’s usually a spirit that jumps in while you’re at the store, bar or move into a new house it can happen anywhere and the spirits sometimes don’t even realize they are in the human body. So you go thru a few meditative procedures and talk them out and to cross over. Some of them have keen memories of their prior lives, some are foggy or we even experienced an extra terrestrial.

M: What fascinating and fulfilling work. We are all lucky you had a good support system. What would you say is the most important thing your clients take with them when they leave a session?

K: My reviews so far from clients have brought tears to my eyes,

IMG_7083 (1)Most important thing is reminding em they are a complete badass regardless of what they’ve been thru they have the power!!!

Ive literally had clients leave the apothecary and message me saying they got a positive email/call/text about what we just worked on and their minds are blown,

Embracing their ancestors and leaving with a lesson of focus and honoring their path cause they are in charge of their story!

M: If someone feels like they have a presence around them that they want to engage, what would you advise?

K: First I’d advise to check electrical circuits, loose floor boards, also ask if they are on any medications, has their sleep patterns changed? From there i would contact someone local that has experience to help, and if they ask for huge sums of money before a consultation or visit then be weary. Also a good housecleaning, clutter n dust will literally attract spirits.

Some refer to these as goblins, gremlins or just unwanted spirits. They also love stagnant water, so if in your yard you have any dump out the containers etc that are holding an stagnant waters.  Pay attention if you’re an antique or vintage collector because there can be residual or actual intelligent hauntings attached to these items.

M: Kook, thank you for sharing these words with me. Your way of being in the world and relating to people is in itself instructive and it just does something special to us all, though I’m not sure exactly what I even mean. And maybe that is it right there– restoration of the dignity of our deep and personal mystery. Thank you my friend, thank you very much for that.

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